Make Sure You have the Best Immigration Consultant with these Steps

Your dream of settling in Canada is not an easy task as it seems to be. You will have to fill out many documents, which seems quite complex. But you can always seek help from the best Immigration Consultants in Ludhiana. Their expertise and knowledge will surely help you in these complex procedures.

If you have secured the needed bands from the best IELTS Institute in Ludhiana, things become easier. Apart from that, we will discuss some other things in this topic to ensure you go to the right consultant for your immigration process.

Who is an Immigration Consultant

An immigration consultant is someone who helps you in submitting all the paperwork required for your immigration or citizenship certificates. They also go through various processes to get themselves authorized, as this work is professionally regulated.

Who Regulates an Immigration Consultant

An organization called the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants(CICC) certifies these consultants to provide you with their services.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants(RCIC) are also authorized by the CICC to charge a prescribed fee to provide you with advice, help or submit your documents.
There is another group of consultants to help the students called

Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors(RISIA). RISIA is also regulated by the CICC. RISIA is an authorized group to assist students in their immigration process.


There are some specific criteria that the consultants need to meet to become certified members of the CICC. This includes a one-year certification program and clearing an entry to practice exam(EPE).

A Canadian Permanent Resident is permitted to attempt these exams. Although after certification, they can practice it in other countries too.

Apart from the consultants, immigration lawyers can also give you advice and representation for temporary visas, PR, and citizenship applications in Canada. These Lawyers need to have a certified law degree from the Canadian Bar Association or a Canadian province.

Services offered by Immigration Consultants and Lawyers

1. Explaining or giving advice on various immigration options.
2. Help you identify and choose the right immigration program for you
3. Submit your immigration documents on your behalf
4. Communicate to the Canadian Govt on your behalf.
In case you misrepresent any document or have any criminal charges against you, you are liable to a legal hearing. Then the immigration lawyer can represent you in the court.

Although there are some instances where you can think of an immigration representative as a consultant, that’s necessarily not the case. You can add the consultant as the representative. Besides that, you can also choose a friend, family member, or any other third party as the representative. Your representative can also fill out the form on your behalf and ask you to sign it.


Previously there were some cases in which people have migrated to Canada without help from a consultant. Even now, people manage to do it. You may not require a consultant as such. But if you feel the need for it and are certainly not confident of filling your documents yourself, you can always seek help from a consultant.

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