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PTE Academic Now Accepted for Student Direct Stream in Canada

Are you planning about furthering your education in Canada? We have some amazing news for you! Canada recently confirmed that the PTE Academic exam will now be accepted for Student Direct Stream (SDS) applicants. This new improvement opens up a universe of opportunities for students searching for a more facilitated and streamlined way to deal with studying in Canada. This blog post will examine the significance of this judgment and its consequences for future students. This material will be beneficial to you whether you are an international student wishing to study in Canada or an immigration consultant supporting students with their visa applications. So, let us go over the specifics of PTE Academic being accepted for the Student Direct Stream in Canada.

  1. The Benefits of PTE Academic for Student Direct Stream:

    With the addition of PTE Academic to the Student Direct Stream program, students now have an alternative to the standard IELTS exam. We will go over the benefits of PTE Academic, such as its computer-based style, speedy results, and test date flexibility. Understanding these benefits will enable you to make an informed decision on the English language skill test for your Canadian student visa application.

  2. The Significance for Aspiring Students:

    This improvement gives an extensive advantage to those looking for advanced education in Canada. We will go over how PTE Academic acceptance in the Student Direct Stream simplifies the application process, minimizes wait periods, and speeds up visa processing. As an aspiring student, this information will assist you in better planning your study abroad experience.

  3. The Role of Immigration Consultants and Visa Advisors:

    Immigration and Visa consultants are essential in supporting students with their study visa applications. We will emphasize the need of remaining current on changes in the immigration landscape, as well as how being knowledgeable about the acceptance of PTE Academic for Student Direct Stream may benefit both consultants and their clients. This information will enable advisors to successfully counsel students and negotiate the visa application procedure.

  4. Preparing for PTE Academic:

    If you choose PTE Academic as your preferred English language proficiency exam, you must be well-prepared. We will share helpful hints and tactics for acing the PTE Academic exam. From being acquainted with the test format to practicing sample questions, our thorough guide will assist you in improving your chances of getting a high score.

  5. Expert Advice and Resources:

    It is critical to obtain advice from specialists in the area to guarantee a successful application procedure. We will identify respectable IELTS institutes and immigration consultants in Ludhiana who can provide essential guidance and support during your study visa path.


Acceptance of PTE Academic for Student Direct Stream in Canada is a huge step forward for overseas students. It not only gives students an alternative English language competence exam, but it also speeds up the visa application process. Improve your English language abilities and accomplish your ideal IELTS score with the leading IELTS Institute in Ludhiana. With Nex Generation Education, you can get extensive guidance and support for your study visa venture, ensuring a smooth way toward fulfilling your dreams of studying in Canada. To better serve their clients, immigration consultants, IELTS institutes, and visa consultants in Ludhiana should stay up to current on these changes. Students can now confidently begin their educational careers in Canada with the proper preparation and supervision.

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Complete Guide To Intake And Deadline For Canada Admission 2023

Canada welcomes more than 6,00,000 international students every year, most of whom come from India. The popularity of studying and then working in Canada has increased so exceptionally that immigration consultants in Ludhiana are getting more queries for Canada intake instead of the UK or The US intake.

Suppose you have completed your IELTS from an IELTS institute in Ludhiana and need help figuring out which intake you should file your application from Fall intake, Summer intake, and Winter intake in Canada. In that case, you are in the right place.

Let us learn everything about the intake and deadline for Canada Admission 2023 from the best Visa Consultants in Ludhiana, NexGeneration Education.

Different Types of Canada Intake & Their Info

Generally, you can take a Canada intake or Canada study visa for three periods. Those are September Intake, also known as fall intake; the second one is Winter intake, which takes place in January; and the final one is Summer intake, which takes place in May.

September and January intake can help you take admission to any university or course. But when we talk about May intake, only a few universities accept applications, and you would also have to choose from selected programs.

For those unable to take the January intake, the May intake is the next big thing for all of you.

Let us discuss the May intake precisely in the coming section.

All About Canada May Intake 2023

If you plan to go for short-term courses, diplomas, certification courses, or PHDs, then May intake is the perfect option. Unfortunately, most people believe getting admission or application selection during the May intake is challenging, but that’s not true.

Although something opposite happens in this case, only some people opt for the May intake, so there are many pending seats. Hence, if you have personal constraints, you should contact NegGeneration Education and fill out your application.

Admission Timeline For May Intake

 Within May & June, you will come across the application and forms of colleges or universities you can fill out.

  • Between July to October, you can opt for the IELTS test.
  • Between November and February, you must gather all the documents and reports you will require in Canada or at your college/university.
  • From February to March, you can wait for your approval letter.
  • You can book your flight ticket between April and May after getting the approval and college joining letter.

Although the most popular Canadian intake is the September intake, considered fall intake, it’s entirely your choice on how you want to plan your studies and future in Canada.

May intake is the perfect option for you if you want to opt for Ph.D. or short-term courses only.

Ready For May Intake 2023?

Choosing the proper intake for Canada plays a crucial role in your life, as it will help you form your life better. We hope you understand the different types of Canada intake and deadlines.

To opt for Canada May Intake 2023, contact NexGeneration Education.