UK Study Visa

New immigration rules regarding the UK student visa

New immigration rules regarding the UK student visa

The UK government has made some changes to make things easier for international students. The new guidelines are:

Free movement will stop on January 1, 2022, and be replaced by the new points-based UK immigration system.

The “new points-based system” Student route took effect on October 5, 2020. There would be no cap on the number of foreign students who could travel this route to the UK.

Individuals with graduate degrees and other credentials in science, academia, or technology will be given preference.

The new post-study work (PSW) visa has changed. Changes include:

  • After receiving their Ph. D.s, it will allow the students reside and work in the UK for three years.
  • They are allowed to work for another two years after receiving their master’s degree.
  • The government may raise the PSW cap for master’s degree holders from two to four years.

The new rules aim to double the number of foreign students choosing to enroll in higher education in the UK to 600,000 by 2030.

The British Council emphasized that the change will result in more Indian students choosing to continue their studies in the UK.

All immigrants must first obtain permission before traveling to the UK to work or study.

Indian students starting a course in the UK in the fall will be permitted to apply, even if they must do it online because of COVID-19.

USA Study Visa

New immigration rules regarding the USA student visa

New immigration rules regarding the USA student visa

The process for applying for USA visas may soon change, according to the US Embassy. Two of the primary issues the embassy had in 2018 are reportedly solved by the new F1 visa standards for 2022.

First, a significant quantity of visa applications from India caused their computer system to break down. Second, many of the visa interview slots had been purchased by individuals who weren’t legitimate candidates.

The second part of the season was crowded with applicants who were coming for a second or third time after being refused previously, despite the embassy receiving good and legitimate applications during the first half of the season.

Of course, the latter was unjust to real students who weren’t even given a chance.

Students who have previously had their F1 visa applications denied in the summer or spring of 2022 will not be eligible for another interview this year, according to the revised regulations. The US government has modified its software to weed out applicants who have already been turned down.

According to the new F1 visa regulations for 2022, candidates should routinely check the US embassy website for interview dates and make appointments as soon as they have the required paperwork from their preferred universities. There hasn’t been a specific timeline made public for them.

Many Indian students have benefited from the visa interview waiver program in addition to the new F1 visa regulations in 2022. The US Department of State-approved program exempts some applicants and their qualified descendants from having to attend in-person interviews for a variety of non-immigrant visa categories, including the F1 student visa.

Australia Study Visa

New immigration rules regarding the Australian student visa

New immigration rules regarding the Australian student visa

For the majority of 2022, students seeking vocational education saw their chances of getting a visa decreased to under 50%, notably those from India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. 34 student applicants, or 3.8%, had their application for vocational study accepted. India had the second-highest number of international students behind China as of July 2022, with around 96,000 students beginning their studies there.

New Rules for Australia Study Visa Requirements in 2022

  • A new rule in Australia prohibits international students from changing their courses without the Minister’s consent.
  • Due to COVID-19, the government will now count as part of the Australian Study Requirement for current and newly admitted students all
    online educational courses that were taken outside of Australia.
  • If due to this epidemic, international students are unable to finish their registered course at an Australian university within the visa’s validity, they may also apply for an Australia student visa at no additional cost.
  • Graduates who previously had a student visa may now do so if they are outside of Australia and are unable to enter the country due to travel limitations.
  • The government is also helping students who are stranded in Australia for more than a year due to COVID-19 and are experiencing financial difficulties. The government is allowing students early access to their Australian superannuation (FUNDS).