Why Students Prefer Ielts To Go Abroad For Their Higher Education Instead Of Doing Study In Their Native Countries

IELTS basically stands for International English Language Testing System. It is an exam given by those students who want to go abroad for their higher studies, and it is an international exam. An Australian Company named the International Development Program(IDP) conducts this exam, and it is a language ability test. There are four modules in this test, and there are two types of exams. The marks are described in bands, and there are 9 bands in this exam. Cracking criteria are based on profile to profile, and the best IELTS institute in ludhiana is Nexgeneration education. 

Modules of IELTS

There are four modules in IELTS: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Each module has its own 9 bands, and each module has its importance.

  1. Reading: This module calculates your reading and understanding ability. It has 40 questions and three paragraphs and different types of questions like fill-ups and matching the heading. Multiple choice questions, information finding, headings etc., each question carries 1 mark. Imaginative skill and vocabulary is basic to solving the reading module. You have to complete it in 60 minutes.
  2. Listening: In this module, your command of English by the speakers is calculated, and there are 4 sections in this module, and each section has 40 questions. In this module, a headset is given to you, and you should place it and a recording if 40 seconds behind, but if you miss any question, the recording does not get repeated, and you get 10 minutes extra for answer transferring.
  3. Writing: The writing module has two tasks, 1 and 2. In Task 1, maps, process, pie charts, line graphs, tables, and bar graphs, and you have 20 minutes to complete it within 150 words. Task 2 should be completed in 40 minutes in 250 words, and it has different types, such as advantage, disadvantage, agree, disagree etc.
  4. Speaking: this module is based on checking your speaking ability in the English language, and this test is completed in three rounds. Introduction, cue card round, and follow-ups round.

Types of IELTS

IELTS is of two types: academics and general. Academic IELTS is for those who want to go abroad for study, and general is for those who want to go for work. Visa consultants also have to give this exam to be a consultant. They have to score 9 bands for being a consultant. 

Why people want to go aboard 

People want to go abroad because the quality of everything is better and the lifestyle of foreigners is much more beautiful. Moreover, the pay scale of work is quite high there, which attracts workers, and students can easily find part-time jobs during their studies to arrange their fees for the next semester.

Benefits of living abroad 

There are numerous benefits of living in another nation;

  • Development of power solving skill that makes a person strong 
  • Interact with new people from a different region, which build your confidence 
  • Get new opportunities to do much better in life
  • Learn the skill of budget management
  • Become independent
  • Explore oyster cultures.
  • Learn new languages 
  • Better career perspective 

IELTS has become preferable in today’s life. Every third child wants to go abroad for their studies. After cracking IELTS, students visit different immigration to find the best immigration consultants  for their further process. Nexgeneration Education is known for being the best Immigration consultants in ludhiana.


How To Score Ielts And Get A Pr In Work

An immigration consultant is an advisor who helps people who want to go from one country to another for work. Immigration consultants provide all legal facilities by immigration law. If you have any queries about immigration or other legal documentation, you can visit Immigration consultants in Ludhiana. They solve all your immigration related problems.

IELTS is an International English Language Testing System. IELTS helps people settle in another country quickly. People study English reading, speaking, and writing. You can go to IELTS Institute in Ludhiana to learn English quickly. They provide all information about fees and the course. 

  Visa and immigration consultants provide a similar service. Visa consultants give all information to clients about visas and legal procedures to set up in another country

How to score IELTS and get a PR 

IELTS is called an International English language testing system. This system helps people who want to work in other countries. where they speak English, which includes English speaking, reading, listening, and writing, so you can easily move to another country.

If you want to go to Canada for work, you can score a 6.0 band in IELTS. Seven bands are required if you wish to PR in Canada. It is essential to know about the English language and also a certificate 

Tips for cracking the IELTS exam 

Testing yourself 

You can always test yourself. You know where you are making a mistake; don’t repeat it. It’s beneficial in exams if you have any queries to find them on Google and ask your teacher.

Record your speaking test.

Record your speaking test so you know where you’re stammering to speak a sentence, and you can improve your speaking.

Improve your reading skill.

You can read English newspapers and storybooks; it helps improve your reading skills and knowledge worldwide.

 Focus and concentration on listening

If you listen to any English movie and story with focus and concentration, you can easily understand what people say and answer directly.

 Improve a basic knowledge of English.

Reading books and practicing writing in your words after checking and you see where you make mistakes and correct them. It’s beneficial to improve your understanding of English.

 Canadian work permit requires an IELTS score. 

If you want to work in Canada, an IELTS score is required. If you want a Canada work permit, you need a job letter first. You get a job letter from a Canadian employer. You can apply for a work visa. The employer must receive an Employment and social development Canada and labor marketing impact assessment by the skilled worker for occupation, but Canadian citizens and permanent residents cant provide work.

Requirement for a work permit in Canada 


No criminal records

Ielts score certificate

Show all your proof like a job letter 

They check funds to settle in Canada

A medical report and insurance is also required 

You can show proof about job-related documents like where you can work time duration and what kind of work. 

Types of work permit

An employer-specific work permit and an open work permit are two types of work permit.

Open work permit, which allows the person to work in the city. A genuine work permit is not considered a job letter for a visa. You can work at any company. Permanent Canadian companies offer a job to employers who fill the occupation, And they have some conditions such as where you can work, time duration, and what kind of work.


If you want to fulfill your dream of studying or working in a foreign country, choose NexGeneration Education as your trusted partner. 


How do I pick an IELTS Centre in Ludhiana?

The most important thing you should do when going abroad is pick a reputable IELTS institute. Only IELTS centers offer the best services to their students. Because of this, you consider some things while choosing a reputable IELTS Institute in Ludhiana.

Practical study resources

Verify whether the chosen institution will give you the necessary valuable expertise. The resources must be easy to understand and enough for you. 

No random selections

Avoid picking a school randomly because you heard about it from someone. Sometimes a person who has attended an institute may have done it in the past. Even though the institute remained and was previously a good one, the faculty may change, or the institution’s standards may have declined over the years, making your friend’s original assessment no longer relevant.

Never base decisions on institute websites.

Do not solely depend on the facts and assertions made on PTE Institute in Ludhiana websites. The information on websites or online advertisements for various institutions is often deceptive. They make use of different methods for you to join. They may trick you. So, better know about them properly. 

Reviews from recent graduates and current students

Examine the reviews left by other students and read attentively about various institutes. Rather than looking at earlier ratings, keep an eye out for the most recent ones. Check whether any students have mentioned about or their facilities. 

Services offered 

To determine if the institute’s teaching standards and practices are effective, contact them and request a live demo class in person or online. Beware the skill sets presented during their demonstrations relevant to the IELTS course.

Be wary of false promises.

Do not believe institutes’ false assurances. The IELTS exams are certified under rigorous monitoring guidelines, so they can only partially guarantee a passing score. Scores are solely based on the performance of the candidates. There are only so many shortcuts that can get you through.

Examine track records

Every PTE Institute in Ludhiana makes many promises regarding success rates and rank holders. It is your responsibility as a responsible candidate to confirm these assertions by speaking with alums and current students. Look for the aspects of the characteristics that they liked and the shortcomings.

Look into whether any particular professors provided them with the inspiration, knowledge, or motivation they needed to succeed. It would be more beneficial if you had the chance to speak with a former student who had used their IELTS scores to visit other nations for the same reason that you were considering taking the exam. Ask them if the institute has offered further assistance beyond classroom instruction, such as practicals, exercises, or situations.

Check the results 

Ask your coach or tutor about their Minimum IELTS score for the greatest results. IELTS coaching centers frequently take the exam to evaluate their abilities and present their results to pupils. It’s a customary procedure. Ask your teacher or tutor for their IELTS score to determine if they can instruct you.


You may find the best IELTS tutoring center in your neighborhood by considering the factors above. We are a reputable and reasonably priced institution offering you the IELTS classes. Our IELTS tutoring center has a solid reputation. We have assisted students in scoring highly on their IELTS exams.

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