USA Study Visa

Looking to Apply For a Study Visa in the USA? Here’s How You Can Do It

Many youngsters in India are dreaming and struggling to pursue further studies in the United States of America. If you also have such aspirations, we have good news for you. The best Immigration Consultants in Ludhiana are here to help you out. They have spent many years helping and guiding a lot of students to achieve their aim of studying in the US. 

The USA is a land of opportunities and offers people a lot of facilities. The majority of states in this country speak English. They only accept the tests conducted by the best IELTS Institute in India. These institutes will train you thoroughly to communicate in the best way possible. 

To apply for a study visa, you can contact the best Visa Consultants who have guided many people successfully with their experience and knowledge. They have the best and most updated knowledge about the methods to apply for such visas.

Reasons why the US is the most preferred study destination

  • Open-ended education system: American universities offer a lot of courses and degrees. You have an open choice for selecting your course content and structure. You can go for different courses at an undergraduate level.
  • Academic Excellence: Many top-ranking universities of the world are situated in the US. These universities offer the best education to the students.
  • Cultural Diversity: The US has a rich representation of people with various cultural, religious, and social affiliations. You will get to study with students from various social and cultural backgrounds.
  • Guidance to International Students: American institutions deeply understand the difficulties faced by international students. To guide students, they conduct many orientation programs. They also offer mentors to the students all the time.
  • Vibrant Campus Life: You’ll witness an exuberant campus life in the US. You get to meet people from different social and cultural backgrounds. It will also influence your mentality a lot.

Things Necessary for the US Study Visa

There are some requirements to fulfill in order to get yourself a study visa in the US given below:

  • Academic Documents: You need detailed mark sheets of 10th and 12th standards from a recognized school board, passport-sized pictures, educational documents, and certification of the recent course you pursued.
  • Requirements for the English Language: You must score required marks from courses like IELTS, TOEFL PTE, and GRE to pursue higher education in the US.
  • Some other important documents:
  1. Valid Passport
  2. SEVIS Fee Receipt
  3. A Printed copy of DS 160, which is the online application form
  4. Documents and evidence showing proper finances.
  5. I-20 form sent by your college. 
  6. Interview appointment letter(original and copy)
  7. Visa Fees Payment Confirmation Receipt.
  8. Original marksheets.
  9. Provisional Certificates.
  10. Payment/Salary Slips.

The process to apply for US Study Visa

  1. Apply for the Offer letter.
  2. Get the form I-20 from your college.
  3. Apply for the DS-160 application form.
  4. Print the form and pay the fee.
  5. Get a Biometric appointment.
  6. Get a scheduled interview.

Hence, This is how you can apply for a US study visa. 

If you want to apply for such visas, visit us and get the best and most seamless immigration services.

USA Study Visa

New immigration rules regarding the USA student visa

New immigration rules regarding the USA student visa

The process for applying for USA visas may soon change, according to the US Embassy. Two of the primary issues the embassy had in 2018 are reportedly solved by the new F1 visa standards for 2022.

First, a significant quantity of visa applications from India caused their computer system to break down. Second, many of the visa interview slots had been purchased by individuals who weren’t legitimate candidates.

The second part of the season was crowded with applicants who were coming for a second or third time after being refused previously, despite the embassy receiving good and legitimate applications during the first half of the season.

Of course, the latter was unjust to real students who weren’t even given a chance.

Students who have previously had their F1 visa applications denied in the summer or spring of 2022 will not be eligible for another interview this year, according to the revised regulations. The US government has modified its software to weed out applicants who have already been turned down.

According to the new F1 visa regulations for 2022, candidates should routinely check the US embassy website for interview dates and make appointments as soon as they have the required paperwork from their preferred universities. There hasn’t been a specific timeline made public for them.

Many Indian students have benefited from the visa interview waiver program in addition to the new F1 visa regulations in 2022. The US Department of State-approved program exempts some applicants and their qualified descendants from having to attend in-person interviews for a variety of non-immigrant visa categories, including the F1 student visa.